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Historic venue, spectacular views

Simple elegance meets the natural beauty of central Pennsylvania...imagine the possibilities.

In today’s wedding world of creative venue choices, Mt. Nittany Overlook Event Center offers a unique setting where elegant simplicity meets a comfortable, well appointed interior with spectacular views of Happy Valley's natural splendor ~ pastoral farmlands, endless sky and rolling mountains in the distance.


Couples who choose Mt. Nittany Overlook often have a love of the local area, appreciation of the natural beauty of the region and make a purposeful decision for modern conveniences for their guests, including air conditioning or heated spaces, comfortable restrooms, and locally revered catering.


The neutral palate throughout the venue may be decorated with each couple’s own style, colors and desired vibe for their own signature celebration. Taking a cue from many couples we have worked with to date, our venue offers a comfortable environment that promotes togetherness. Long communal tables are perfect for sharing conversation, clinking glasses and breaking bread together. Many other reception set-up options exist depending on the party size and seating preferences of the host couple.

Reputable hotels, bars and restaurants are just 2-3 miles from the front door. Penn State University’s main campus is a scenic 12-mile drive in either direction. Mt. Nittany Overlook Event Center can accommodate up to 300 guests on two levels and offers plenty of space for dancing, dining and celebrating, as well as spectacular photographic opportunities. 

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A note about inclusion: everyone is welcome here. No matter where you live, whatever your nationality, sex, race, religion, age, abilities, socio-economic background, or sexual orientation. Whether you’re planning a formal wedding reception or a casual wedding celebration (or anything in between), we want you and your wedding guests to feel welcome.

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